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Forts And Palaces of Rajasthan- Relics of The Past

jaigarh fort
For centuries, if not millennia, the Rajput fortresses, the defensive castles, the composite havelis - were the abode of chivalry where hospitality was a way of life. Visitors, guests, even strangers were welcomed in a tradition that was a part of the lifestyles. Even enemies, should they have come calling, were treated with utmost respect "Aao Sa". And an extensive network of matrimonial alliances amongst the warring clans ensured that all battles ended on the field. It would not be an extravagant quote to say, that if the Rajputs had not been so humble to their enemies as to let them in, the colossal forts might never had been conquered! Take a royal fort and palace tours of Rajasthan to see the historical evidences.

The Forts That Stood The Test of Time

The forts in Rajasthan are no doubt the best manuscripts that spell the saga of the audacious Rajput clans. Believe it, these colossal structures are more experienced than you and me. They have seen sandstorms lash the towns in summer, trees being bent by fierce winds while they stood with their spirits high assenting the valor and intransigency of the mighty Rajputs. They have seen a 20th-century princess who fell in love with a man candidly, without regarding that he traces his family tree all the way back to monkeys, and married him in the face of medieval defiance, portraying true love amidst the desolate deserts. Above all the forts have witnessed mass immolations by thousands of graceful Rajput women, charging to their deaths in ash and saffron, endorsing the devotion and amour that these glitterati had locked in the secret archives of their heart for long. They grabbed the horns of destiny and changed its course of journey...enough to leave a foreign tourist mesmerized.

The famous forts and palace attractions of Rajasthan in India are eloquent of the bygone era. The chivalry and gallantry of the warrior fraternity is reflected in the architecture of the feudal homes. Everytime you buzz the bell, after jaunting through the barren grasslands (because the forts were usually built atop a hill), you will be greeted with a colossal entrance; carved impeccebly enough to brake your eyeshot, if you try to peep into the voluminous courtyards disfavoring the grand architecture above you. Once inside you will be captivated to see the prodigious contours of the forts; lavishly spacious to accommodate 2-3 football grounds.

There were separate viewing galleries for women, and the ladies of the zenana regulated their own durbars and maneuvered considerable power from behind the purdah. Walk along the interspersed corridors while keeping an eye open for the beautifully embellished jaalis akin to intricate filigree, displayed on the mammoth parkotas of the coliseum on your sides. Some of the eminent forts also houses appalling chattels such as the Jaigarh Fort, which boasts of the largest cannon in the world, the Jaivan. Take a tour of the royal forts and palaces of Rajasthan to enjoy a historic holiday.
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