Friday, September 18, 2009

India nominates 20 heritage specimens to UNESCO

Twenty specimens of Intangible Cultural Heritage of India have been nominated by the country this year for the first time to UNESCO for recognition.

India Nominates 20 heritage

These very clearly include the Kolam ritual of Tamil Nadu, where designs are drawn on the porches of houses, Nacha folk dance of Chattisgharh, Chatriyam music of Assam, and Sankirtan dance of Manipur and the veena tradition.
The Ministry of Culture and the state governments this year made special efforts and have been able to put forward 20 nominations to UNESCO this year. Jawhar Sircar Secretary (Culture) said at present there are only three recognized heritage specimens Kutiyattam which is the famous Sanskrit Theatre of Kerala, the tradition of Vedic Chanting and Ramlila- the traditional performance of Ramayana, which have been included from India.

We hope that all the nominations would be given due recognition.

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