Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Karnataka The Elevated Land

Karnataka has a rich cultural heritage. Also called as 'Elevated Land' Karnataka is the lineage of Indian rulers like Mauryas, Chalukyas, The Hoysalas. Diverse religion and languages had contributed a lot in its ethnic grandness.

Karnataka which is a home of various Kodavas, Konkanis, and Tuluvas tribes encompass huge amount of majestic festivals, music, drama and royal cuisine.

Elevated Land

Hampi Festival: It is celebrated in the remembrance of the aura of Vijaygarh kings. The festival is celebrated in the month of November.

Tula Sankramana: Also known as theerthodbhava is celebrated in the month of October.

Vairamudi Festival, Pattadakkal, Holi, Makar Sankranti, Dusshera , Diwali, Kambala also called as Buffalo Race, Hoysala Mahotsava are celebrated in full frolic and vivacity.

The culture of Karnataka can be revealed in the form of music and dance. Karnataka patronizes Bharatanatyam, the great dance style of South India. Karnataka's richness in culture and tradition, is famous for it's excellent amenities.

Education is given a place of priority by the people of Karnataka. Classical Folk Theatre Yakshagana is very famous for its classical folk theatre Yakshagana.

The contribution of Karnataka to the diversified culture of India is no less deficient to that of any other states of India. Its contribution in the fields of art, music, religion and philosophy are just awesome. The rich heritage of culture of Karnataka makes an ideal tourist spot.

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