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Nalanda was eatablished in 5 century AD; university remained a center of almost 800 years.The remnants of Nalanda university is located just 90 Km away from Patna. The site of this ancient university is now preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. Other than the site of this university you will also visit other places of interest like Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, The Nalanda Archaeological Museum and Surajpur Baragon.

Nalanda University

Nalanda was a very famous Buddhist site of learning, though it was basically a Buddhist center of learning but this university imparted education on many topics. This university also imparts education on Vedas, grammar, logic, rhetoric, meta-physics, prose composition, medicine and yoga. It is believed that the two all time great men of the world, Lord Buddha and Mahavira preached their lessons in this university.

Nalanda University had a very big library. This library had a huge collection of 9 million books. The remains of this university are scattered in area of whopping 14 acres. In the modern time a very large part of the site of the university has been excavated but still a large section of the remnants of this university has remained unexplored. Historical evidences have proved that this university was the home of 10,000 students with 2,000 teachers who taught them.

The famous Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang visited this university. He stayed in this university for a period of 12 years. In his memoirs this famous Chinese traveler has given an account of his days in the Nalanda University.

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