Saturday, August 15, 2009

Traditional Indian Clothing

Traditional Indian clothing has come into notice once again in India which is also a part of Indian cultural heritage. In this section lets talk about the traditional clothing that is prominent in Indian culture-

Traditional Indian Clothing

Dhoti kurta is the traditional Indian clothing of men. Dhoti is known by different names at different places such as Laacha in Punjabi, dhuti in Bangla.The term Kurta is used to refer to a long loose shirt, the length of which falls below or may be just above the knees. Now it can be weared by both men and women.

Salwar kameez is the traditional Indian clothing for women. The fashion of Shalwar Kameez is a wonderful attire that simply graces women beauty yet simplicity. Saree another traditional dress that is worn by Indian women.

Sherwani is a long coat resembling achkan in styling. It adds a real charm and grace to the men attire, especially the taller ones. Turban is tied a long piece of unstitched cloth, which is wrapped around the head.

The creative fashion designers of today are in a lookout for ethnic designs that take us close to our cultural roots and remind us of the glorious past.
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