Friday, October 23, 2009

Dunagiri- Heritage Destination

Dunagiri is an historic area in the Indian hill state of Uttarakhand. Dunagiri is 250 miles away from Delhi. Dunagiri is a mixture of six small villages. Dunagiri is also a living example for the cultural heritage of India as it has been regularly visited by Rishi-Munis of India who established their ashrams here in the midst of nature.


Dunagiri’s Cultural Heritage tours will amaze the tourists in a richly layered experience, at the same time tourists can explore the beauty of nature, history, culture, people and places of India. Surrounded with mountain belt, Dunagiri leaves you thrilled with the pristine, tranquil and calm environment.

An experience like no other, Dunagiri Cultural Heritage tour will take you direct on a journey that is really relaxing for your mind, body and soul, which will stay with you forever. Dunagiri is a heaven itself.

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