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Cultural Heritage Of Orissa

Located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal, Orissa is the modern name of ancient republican nation of Kalinga. The cyclone prone state in India has a beautiful cultural heritage that comes out in a great form of handicraft items and amazing folk dances.

Orissa has a distinctive cooking style which is the major part of the heritage. Both sun-dried and par-bolied rice is the staple food of the people. Rice is used in almost every dish. Non-vegetarian food is also included in the diet of the Oriya people.

Cultural Heritage Of Orissa

Handicrafts of Orissa are filled with wide variety of arts and crafts in the state is that it has witnessed the rule of many rulers. When the talk is about the folk performances of India, Oriya dances truly deserve a special mention. Orissa has a rich cultural heritage in terms of music and dance.

Some of the famous folk dances of the state are Kathi Nacha (Stick Dance), Medha Nacha (Mask Dance), Naga Nacha (Snake Dance),Sakhi Nacha or Kandhei (Puppet Dance), Ghumra Nacha, Mahari Nacha, Jatra Nacha (Folk Theatre), etc.

Orissa being the major musical centers of South India, comprises of Odissi music which is a combination of four distinctive kinds of music, namely, Chitrapada, Dhruvapada, Panchal and Chitrakala.

The official language of Orissa is Oriya, which is spoken by approximatlely 84 percent of the population. It is also one of the most prominent and one of the oldest languages of India.

The other major languages spoken in the state are Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Telugu. English language is spoken only by a few literate people in Orissa.

Orissa has been inhabited by several tribal people. It is a combination of nearly 62 distinctive tribal groups. Orissa is a great combination of religions that consists Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Vaisnavism, and Saivism etc.

So get ready to know more about the state and have lots of fun !!!!

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