Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has a great cultural heritage that evolved through the rule of dynasties that ruled the state during various phases of history. However, Tamil Nadu is one of the most urbanized states of India but most of the people still live in villages.

Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, there is an established caste system with traditional differentiations a lot more pronounced than in many other parts of India. About 80 percent of the people living in Tamil Nadu follow Hinduism and substantial percentage of population follows Christianity and Islam.

The main language spoke in Tamil Nadu state is Tamil is rich heritage of literature and one of the 18 languages mentioned in the eighth schedule of the Indian constitution. Besides Tamil Nadu, Tamil is also spoken by a number of people in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mauritius and Malaysia.

The cultural heritage of Tamil nadu can be well depicted with it's religion. The main religions in Tamilnadu are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Jainism. Cuisines also in a or other helps to explore the culture heritage of the place. Like all other South Indian states, Tamil Nadu is also known for a wide variety of delicious food both for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians.

Some of the most common and popular dishes of Tamil Nadu are idly, dosai, vada, pongal and Uppuma. Coconut chutney and sambhar form a part of most of the Tamil dishes. Tamil Nadu which is rich in it's tradition of heritage and culture still continues to flourish.

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